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The brickwork on the this property

needed re-pointing

as the mortar between the bricks has been eroded by the weather

The right image shows

the property with the re-pointing complete




Chimney Re-pointing

The Chimney above shows signs of needing attention.  The mortar is missing in places causing movement of the bricks.

The roof is new but the chimney neglected and if not maintained could collapse.

The life of your chimney is very important, as it's what safely separates harmful emissions from your fireplace out of your home. Over time, your chimney withstands constant stress from both the inside and out, meaning that professional maintenance is required from time to time.

Chimney re-pointed

We offer a full complement of chimney re-pointing and re-building services to help restore your chimney to top condition. Whether minor or major works are required, you can depend on us to work diligently to produce excellent results at very competitive rates. 


Scaffolding is required before the walls are cleaned and re-pointed

Cleaning and preparing the wall before re-pointing

Brickwork - Extension

Building an extension

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