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If your garden is uneven, we can offer premium, bespoke step construction to ensure the up-most accessibility in your garden landscaping space.


We build garden walls and also

re-point garden walls that have crumbling or missing mortar

bringing them back to their original solid and safe state.

The benefits of a garden wall:

A wall provides a boundary between properties

Walls also provide the property with privacy

A well built garden wall enhances any garden

Walls can provide the garden landscape with divisions

Walls/brickwork can support a greenhouse

Retain a soil bank

Form an edge or division for a garden or lawn

Brickwork can be used to make a Barbecue

Walls/brickwork is useful to hold up a raised planting bed

Enclose a rubbish bin or surround a compost heap

A brick wall can provide a level site for creating a patio

Brick walls enclose garden gates

Walls are a more solid stable structure which will last much longer than fencing

Garden walls also provide a safer enclosed structure for children to play in or to keep pets from wandering



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